Dee’s Deportment, Grooming and Self-Care provides uniquely tailored programs with meaningful training sessions that produces immaculate personal and professional presentation standards for both females and males of all ages. Each carefully planned training sessions provides clients with the necessary skills, knowledge and hands on experience to make significant changes to their lifestyle and career pathway.

Our services deliver value to the community through cost effective, tailored deportment, grooming and self-care (health and fitness) programs, for progressive development of skills and knowledge, for males and females of all ages. The basic components we deliver genuinely helps individuals present themselves with dignity and capture positive attention, instead of being frowned upon by society.

Our one on one mentoring and support helps our clients to feel comfortable with a changed lifestyle and present themselves in society, with pride and dignity. Our clients learn how to prepare themselves for interviews relating to employment, education, training, housing and general appointments which will enhance the prospect of moving forward with new goals.

Our clients are taught various skills and techniques through practice and theory, so that they are able to apply themselves confidently and to have the ability to transition across three significant areas:

respectfully and appropriately in their community
confidently and dignified in society
aspiring into education, career advancement, a new and positive direction
Training Points
Confidence Building Skills
Grooming Our Youth
Public Speaking
How to Dress Appropriately for Different Occasions
Presenting Yourself at Interviews
Social Etiquette
Table Etiquette
Employment Etiquette
Respect for Self & Others
Body Language & Behaviour