Personal Coaching and Healthy Lifestyle Support
With a range of exciting and interesting ways to improve your health and fitness, Dee’s Deportment, Grooming and Self-Care can help you make changes to your lifestyle and well-being at any stage of your life.

We pride ourselves with quality advice, training and support to provide you with rewarding results. Youths, adults, 50 year old plus, women and men… we aim to help you through your personal health and fitness goals, and give you the results you’re looking for, with friendly advice, support and training in partnership with local industry experts.

Customized Workshops, Group & Individual Training Sessions, Indigenous Fitness Sessions, Team Building and Life Coaching are just some of the fun and encouraging ways of building your confidence, health and fitness level, motivation and desire for a stronger you.

Dee’s Deportment, Grooming and Self-Care are passionate about helping people reach their potential and progressively moving them to greater heights. Programs are uniquely created for your enjoyment in a welcoming training environment to suit your needs.

Learn how to find your niche, so you know exactly what it is you have to do to reach your personal health and fitness goal and maintain that level.

The key to success and reaching your health and fitness goal is commitment, however, with that comes a change of routine, sacrifices, excelling and making progressive improvements each week. Learn how to take it up a notch each week and make it interesting.. then you are sure to reach your goal and eliminate the things that affect your quality of life, confidence and self-esteem.

We have demonstrated successes through our program with clients who have testified to making massive changes to their life, simply by joining our programs.

Invest in yourself today… it’s never too late!


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