At Dee’s Deportment, Grooming and Self-Care, it’s all about you!

We believe that beauty is within and that grooming and styling is the outer reflection of your personality. We help individuals identify and take ownership of their own unique style, commonly known as.. your personal brand.

Donna Corrie and her friendly team leads a series of programs and workshops designed to raise confidence, empowerment, personal development and social awareness in each client.

Assisted by a core group of dedicated and selected business partners, Dee’s Deportment, Grooming and Self Care strives to make a real difference and make significant lifestyle changes for each individual, and professional progression for the ambitious.

Creating the right look for you is important. Dee’s Deportment, Grooming and Self Care specializes in providing you with the experience of a life time. Experiencing a full makeover, including make up, skin care, nail care, hair care, wardrobe color co-ordination and the appropriate accessorizing, will not only build your confidence and help you discover a new look, but it will also refresh you and have you walk through doors you never thought was possible.

We pride ourselves in producing you life changing experiences, that are guaranteed to put a smile on your face and awaken you to a world of knowledge to transform you into a new direction of personal growth.

Endorsed and supported by fashion and beauty specialists who are passionate in their field, deportment and grooming workshops especially developed to provide you the perfect look for any occasion, event or personal change, is our ultimate passion, focus and goal.

Indulge yourself in a world of pampering with friendly support and advice, quality training, superb settings and a lifelong experience you’ll never forget.

Customized and structured workshops are available to meet your personal or professional needs.