Our programs and events benefits and empowers youths, women and men of every age and background.  Our genuine, authentic and unique method of delivery enables our clients  to step up to any personal or professional challenges, and present themselves on any occasion in a strong, confident and dignified manner.

Contact Donna Corrie and her team on 0400 480 740 for the most effective, enjoyable, friendly and professional services which include (but not limited to):

  • deportment and grooming classes
  • tailored programs for small and large groups
  • offsite delivery
  • introductory presentations
  • events – NAIDOC high tea, NAIDOC youth ball, etc
  • body conquer training sessions
  • school career day presentations
  • school formals & wedding packages
  • school holiday programs
  • corporate personal presentation and customer service training
  • community based delivery
  • individual consultations
  • team building training and;
  • general information

Our tailored programs and NAIDOC High Tea Events are fully supported by the Queensland Labor Senator Claire Moore, Ombudsman for Water and Energy, Jane Pires, Mr Michael Healy, MP (ALP), Ministers, Special Dignitaries and Executives who encourage success and progression. Photography Sponsored By Blue Clicks Photography and Captured By Catherine.

Dee’s Deportment, Grooming and Self Care proudly introduced Simone Stacey as our Business Ambassador in 2017.  Simone’s extensive experience on stage and in the spotlight at a national and international level compliments Dee’s Deportment, Grooming and Self Care’s services, programs, events and entrepreneurial ventures.

Dee’s Deportment, Grooming and Self Care encourages and supports youths to be part of our team to gain new, interesting skills, knowledge and experiences.


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