Award Winning Business

Dee’s Deportment, Grooming and Self Care is an award winning business with a growing passion to further develop and expand for the next generation.

On 4th May 2019, Donna Corrie (Owner and Director of Dee’s Deportment, Grooming and Self Care) was announced the winner of the Cairns Business Women’s Club Business Woman of the Year Award, in the category “Indigenous Business Woman of the Year”.

In May 2019, Donna was announce a Finalist for the Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence (BEX) Awards.

In 2019, Donna was nominated for the NAIDOC Person of the Year Award.

In 2018, Donna was announced the winner of the Cairns Regional Council International Women’s Day “Woman of the Year” Award.  This was the first time in 32 years, for an Indigenous woman to be a recipient of this prestigious award.

In 2018, Donna was nominated for the Indigenous Ethnic Awards.

Raising Standards and Promoting Confidence

“Presentation Is Everything”.  We carry this motto everywhere we go and believe it is the one thing that separates you from standing out or blending in and staying unnoticed.

We have a unique presence promoting healthy lifestyle, intellectual sophistication, youth and women’s leadership, personal development training, customer service training, team building and mentoring to instill confidence, improve self-esteem and empower people of all backgrounds.  We help people to stand tall and walk with dignity through a holistic health approach.

Recognizing the importance of possessing an acceptable personal and professional presentation as the element to succeed and be noticed, Dee’s Deportment, Grooming and Self Care formulated a series of workshops which provides valuable life skills and etiquette training.  Our tailored and flexible training enables you to comfortably step outside your comfort zone or be refreshed with new trends.

Our passion is to enhance your confidence, self-esteem, self-worth, self-determination and motivation to be socially accepted and respected, and to excel with education, training and employment opportunities.

We offer a service like no other.  Respectfully working with individuals and groups is our strength, to create and produce the outcomes specifically required by you as an individual or organisation, to be more competitive in your personal life, workplace or professional field.

Dee’s Deportment, Grooming and Self Care deliver quality and value to services, organisations, schools and the wider community through cost effective deportment, grooming and self care (health and fitness) programs, for  the progressive development of skills, knowledge and awareness for males and females of all ages.  We tailor programs suited to your needs with topics which include (but not limited to):

  • Deportment – stance, carriage, posture, mannerism, speech, etc
  • Grooming – skin care, hair care, nail care, make up, men’s grooming, colour co-ordination, etc
  • Self Care – health & nutrition, strength and fitness, diet, relaxation, etc
  • Etiquette – social etiquette, table and restaurant etiquette, employment etiquette, etc

We have proven, that these basic components help individuals present themselves with dignity and capture positive attention in their workplace, learning environment and community.

Our programs and services are authentically flexible to suit the needs of individuals and groups in a safe and friendly environment.  Our clients are given support and encouragement to learn at their own pace, with steady progressive steps through genuine, meaningful training.  As their confidence and self-esteem improves, they become more aware, positive and willing to make significant changes.

Our programs are unique through its conservative method of delivery and post program support which enables our clients to produce positive results with realistic outcomes. With a new, fresh, innovative approach to deportment and grooming, we pride ourselves in working collaboratively with other services to:

  • meet needs of the disadvantage to empower and encourage them to walk with self-determination and dignity
  • produce purposeful training to suit realistic outcomes
  • alleviate feelings associated with self-doubt and depression



“Our mission is to equip our clients with meaningful life long attributes that open doors and provide opportunities they never thought possible.”